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About This Webconference

Join leaders from HCA South Atlantic Division, one of Crimson Clinical Advantage's 2014 Physician Partnership Award winners, as they discuss how they deployed Crimson in a way that appealed to physicians’ interests in data-driven analytics, patient-centered care, and practice innovation.

In this session, the health system’s division leaders will review their systematic approach to reducing clinical variation and share how they’ve prevented 75 sepsis deaths, 13,400 hospitalized days, 350 complications, and numerous unnecessary costs by engaging physicians in quality initiatives with the help of Crimson. 


  • Pranav Mehta, MD, MBA, FACHE, CPE
    Chief Medical Officer, HCA South Atlantic Division
  • Helena Feather
    Vice President, Quality, Risk Management, and Ethics and Compliance Officer, HCA South Atlantic Division

Thursday, June 26, 20141 p.m. - 2 p.m. ET

Appealing to Intrinsic Physician Motivations

Integrating Crimson to elevate performance at
the individual and organizational level