How you should measure market share today

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Physician share tells you the percentage of physicians you work with in the market—and the strength of those relationships. It’s a critical component of your total market share picture because it gives you the information you need to manage a physician-driven enterprise.

A recent Crimson Market Advantage analysis revealed an important trend in physician behavior. When hospitals look at physician behavior in both inpatient and outpatient business, they see on average three times as many physicians split referrals with their competitors. This translates to an additional $52 million in revenue at stake.

Download this excerpt from the research brief "How You Should Measure Market Share Today" to learn more about the three rules your team should follow to accurately measure your physician share:

  • Measure both inpatient and outpatient leakage to surface maximum opportunity
  • Identify PCP-specialist connections to “rationalize” PCP networks
  • Identify PCP splitters to target upstream outreach opportunities

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"Three Rules for Measuring Physician Market Share"

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Three rules for measuring your physician share