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About This Webconference

Whether changes to the health care industry occur through sweeping legislation or more modest regulation, hospital and health system leaders must prepare for the next wave of health care reform. But providers cannot afford to wait for Washington to dictate the future. Organizations must both respond to reforms and proactively address the certain challenges that will threaten long-term sustainability regardless of the political climate—especially downward pressure on margins.

This presentation provides an update on the current political landscape, summarizes the major forces compressing provider margins, and outlines the strategic imperatives that will ensure success in the next era of reform.  

Things you’ll learn:

  • The latest health policy developments from the Trump administration and Congress—and which reforms substantively impact provider strategy 
  • The nine forces—both downward pressures on pricing and upward pressures on cost—poised to drastically compress provider margins moving forward
  • The strategic imperatives provider organizations must deliver against to navigate an era of political uncertainty and margin pressure 

Tuesday, April 24, 20181 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. ET

State of the Union—The Next Wave of Health Care Reform

Repeal, Replace, or Repair? Adapting Provider Strategy Beyond the ACA

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