A first look at how institutions can apply nudge theory to impact student behavior

It can be difficult to isolate the root cause of attrition, but the majority of students who don’t persist cite financial reasons. Unfortunately, the needlessly complex financial aid system contributes to the problem. Our research shows that even small mistakes—like forgetting to refile FAFSA—have the power to derail students’ long-term plans. 

Institutions can’t overhaul the federal financial aid process, but they can learn to provide timely, personalized, and consistent support to help students navigate financial aid and other confusing college requirements. To do this, universities must adopt a student-centric approach that embraces behavioral economic tactics that “nudge” students along the way. 

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  • Causes of student attrition
  • Behavioral economics concepts such as choice architecture and nudge theory
  • Student self-advisement
  • Web-based, self-service tools for promoting tasks like FAFSA completion

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"How Nudging Can Impact Student Behavior"

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