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About This Webconference

Today’s patients are taking on greater financial risk than ever before, and they have new and non-traditional providers to consider in their health care decision-making. Patients have more choices, but hospital leaders don't—you cannot afford to deliver anything less than an excellent experience.

Join us for a webconference on December 6 to explore how to create a holistic patient experience strategy that encompasses both process-based elements and a culture of empathy. During this presentation, we’ll share case studies from our current members, as well as a detailed demonstration of the iRound for Patient Experience tool.  

During this presentation you will learn about:

  • Common pitfalls that knock patient experience strategies off track 
  • Best practices for creating a culture of accountability
  • Ways to instill a culture of empathy in your organization 

Wednesday, December 6, 20171 p.m. - 2 p.m. ET

Going beyond patient experience

How to build long term loyalty with a holistic strategy