The three health plan trends life sciences leaders need to know
A research report for life sciences leaders

The health care industry is constantly evolving, and leaders of pharmaceutical and medical device organizations need to stay current on how key customers’ priorities are changing. This resource provides an overview of three major health plan trends that we believe have important implications for your customer engagement, evidence generation, and communication strategies. Learn about:

  • How payers are approaching value-based contracts in preparation for high cost, novel drugs and to encourage appropriate device use
  • How payers are trying to reduce heath care costs through steerage
  • Why health plans have been slow to cover precision diagnostic tools

Download this resource to learn about what you should know about health plan strategies, and the questions that you should be asking to ensure that you are anticipating the needs of this critical customer group.  Afterwards, please also explore our related resources on what life sciences leaders need to know about hospital and IDN trends and independent physician trends.
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