How one provider-supplier pair went “at risk” for improved patient outcomes—and it worked

About the Case Study

Despite widespread interest in provider-supplier risk-based contracts, these agreements are more often proposed than executed. While most providers are interested in these agreements because they push suppliers to take on more cost-quality performance risk and are an opportunity to improve clinical quality, the pickup for these agreements has been slow as parties have been stymied by challenges.

Philips Image Guided Therapy (IGT), a manufacturer of diagnostic and treatment devices that advance minimally-invasive cardiovascular procedures, and Holston Valley Medical Center, a hospital in Kingsport, Tenn. now affiliated with Ballad Health, went “at risk” for improved patient outcomes—and it worked.

Download this case study to learn:
  1. What industry-wide challenges Philips IGT and Holston Valley overcame in their risk-share agreement implementation
  2. How this agreement resulted in improvement across all at risk metrics
  3. Lessons to suppliers interested in pursuing these kinds of agreements

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