What is pay for performance?

This is part two of a five-part series: Medicare and the Transition to Value-Based Care

About this briefing

Whether you’re a field sales rep, an account executive, a medical liaison, or a customer service manager, you are expected to know a great deal about the health care delivery system—including details around P4P as a payment model—and it can be complicated. To stay ahead of the competition and to establish credibility with your customers, you need to be viewed as a valuable resource.

Pay for performance (P4P) programs are designed to introduce hospitals to value-based care—tying reimbursement to metric-driven outcomes, best practices, and patient satisfaction. P4P is part of the overall national strategy to transition health care to value-based medicine.

In part two of our five-part educational series, you’ll learn what pay for performance is, get a breakdown of three P4P programs and the bonuses and/or penalties applied to a hospital’s Medicare reimbursement, and understand how these P4P programs are impacting hospitals.

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