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About This Webconference

Our 2018 research agenda covered a lot of ground, including how to leverage artificial intelligence to improve clinical and financial outcomes, build a strong foundation for digital innovation, integrate new data streams into care delivery models, and use technology to support organizational cost control initiatives.

This webconference builds on that research and addresses 2019 IT market trends important to our members and the health care industry broadly. Lastly, attendees will learn the planned 2019 research agenda for the Health Care IT Advisor program. 

During this webconference you’ll learn:

  • Results from our latest member survey on IT and innovation challenges 
  • How IT is evolving to address organizational excellence, information exchange, care delivery, and competitive advantage needs
  • How providers should respond to IT innovation and digital disruption 

Thursday, January 24, 20191 p.m. - 2 p.m. ET

2019 Health Care IT Industry Trends