Redesigning the future of telehealth

The essential toolkit for health plans

About this toolkit

The Covid-19 pandemic has proven that virtual visits can increase safe, quality access to care. But is telehealth integral to the future of health care?

This toolkit helps answer that question ― with strategies for understanding the state of telehealth, discussions of common bottlenecks and pitfalls, and practical insights into what health plans can do to create the right environment for telehealth to remain an affordable option for now and beyond Covid-19.

Drawing from 117 interviews we conducted with health care leaders, we identified the issues and opportunities that confront health plans. Read and share this for comprehensive insights into the state of telehealth in health care today, and the role it will play, post Covid-19.

The toolkit is organized under the following 3 sections:

  • The pandemic’s impact on the state of telehealth
  • Key questions and strategic considerations
  • How can health plans help raise the bar?

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