How Health Plans Can Sustain Growth

Planning for the future during the Covid-19 pandemic  

About this Executive Whitepaper

Even in normal times, when building or prioritizing a strategic plan, health plans must take stock of several layers of external and internal trends ā€” such as member health, consumer behavior, staffing decisions, and economic conditions ā€” while also evaluating how these conditions will impact members, providers and purchasers down the road.

Our current pandemic creates an added layer of urgency around the need to closely monitor emerging trends with both short and long-term impact on financial stability and growth.

Drawing from in-depth member research and market insights, Advisory Board explores  four key priorities to help health plans navigate uncertainties and emerge successfully:

  • Understand the market implications of mass unemployment
  • Adapt quickly to new telehealth demands
  • Engage members when they are actively thinking about their health
  • Collaborate with providers who need plan support

Read on for our four most popular Covid-19 articles on each of these priorities and for actionable strategies emerging for health plans in the next 12 to 15 months.

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