Part 2: Health Plan Diplomacy: Moving from ‘engagement’ to ‘behavior’

Health plans are wasting valuable resources by solely relying on member engagement to improve relationships with members. Plans can lower medical spend and increase member satisfaction if they start focusing on alternative actions and potential outcomes.

In part one of this two-part series, we look into survey data that highlights members concerns and outlines why traditional engagement strategies and tactics don't work. We suggest that plans should start with understanding what their members are thinking and why.

In part two, we propose a new concept for member engagement: health plan diplomacy. Instead of asking, “How can we engage members?” we propose asking, “How can we change member behavior?” This relatively subtle change approaches member engagement from a “change management” perspective and brings new initiatives and goals into focus.

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"Shattering the Member Engagement Myth Part II"

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Shattering the Member Engagement Myth