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About This Webconference

Preferred provider networks have long been considered the gold standard for acute/post-acute collaboration, but many providers aren't fully realizing the cost and quality results that they had sought from creating or participating in networks. To optimize their investments in preferred networks, providers must overcome common barriers that prevent patients, discharge planners, and physicians from selecting high-quality post-acute partners.

During this webinar, you will learn how to identify new strategies to improve preferred provider network outcomes by guiding patients to in-network providers.  Specifically, we will review:

  • Reasons why your current preferred provider network may not be working 
  • Strategies to improve in-network utilization while maintaining patient choice
  • How to engage physicians, discharge planners, and patients in the post-acute selection process 

Wednesday, June 27, 20183 p.m. ET

Deriving the full benefit of a preferred post-acute network

Strategies for improving in-network utilization