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About This Webconference

To trade high-cost care for lower-cost services for your at-risk patients, they need access to consistent and convenient upstream services. Data suggests that many vulnerable populations lack such access: Over 50% of uninsured non-elderly patients lack a usual source of health care and 25% of low-income patients miss or reschedule appointments because they don't have transportation. 

Mobile health clinics can reduce logistical barriers to care, help fill key service gaps and promote engagement among those who may not otherwise seek care. If set up well, they can even generate a significant ROI.

In this webconference, we explore six successful programs and steps to designing a model that serves patients’ needs and organizational goals.

During this webconference you’ll learn:

  • The business case for investment in a mobile care delivery strategy 
  • Focused goals and target populations across six detailed case models
  • Roadmap of action steps directing how to deploy mobile clinics 

Wednesday, June 13, 20181 p.m. - 2 p.m. ET

How to Improve Access to Care for the Underserved Using Mobile Health Clinics