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About This Webconference

ICD-10 is finally here. Whether your team falls into the 40% that says “We took a full-scale approach to our preparation,” the 30% who says “We kind of prepared,” or the 30% who said “We’ll deal with it if it happens…” there are key steps to maximize effectiveness moving forward.

To ensure successful execution of your ICD-10 strategy, it is essential that you have data and benchmarks to pinpoint areas of risk and the issues driving them, as well as the ability to identify outlying physicians and educate them on the documentation concepts they need to know. Join Advisory Board ICD-10 expert Ed Hock on October 20 to hear our initial findings on a post-ICD-10 world, and how we’re working with our members to:

  • Solidify tactics for different stages of transition
  • Establish communication protocols to enable decision-makers to act in a timely manner
  • Ensure team structure is adaptable but not at the expense of clear, consistent accountability
  • Use data and benchmarks to measure performance and make necessary adjustments
  • Educate physicians to prevent documentation errors from happening in the first place 

Tuesday, October 20, 20153 p.m. - 4 p.m. ET

Optimize Your Response to ICD-10