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About This Webconference

Amid the uncertainty surrounding health reform, now is the time for hospital leaders to revisit their assumptions about how to solidify their organization’s financial performance for today, and tomorrow. Join us to hear John Johnston, Senior Vice President and Sean Angert, Senior Vice President of Advisory Board Consulting, together with Thomas Seay, Editor-in-Chief of Advisory Board's Daily Briefing for a recap of the key challenges to hospitals’ prosperity, and a discussion of progressive approaches hospitals must take to shore up margins.

In this 30-minute webconference, we will share lessons from our work on-site with hospital leaders, focusing on how we help you take on the challenge of achieving clinical outcome improvement and cost reduction by reducing unwarranted care variation, expanding top of license staffing, and developing a cost efficient surgical model.

Wednesday, April 26, 20171:30 - 2:00 p.m. ET

View from the Frontline: Working with Hospitals to Protect Margins

A progressive approach to sustainability