Virtual workshops six-pack
Build community and strengthen skills your leaders need right now with virtual workshops
The need to maintain social distance has made it harder to assemble leaders in-person right now. But that doesn’t mean leaders are OK on their own—in fact, they need help more than ever.

We’ve created digestible and engaging 90-minute virtual learning experiences that help leaders practice, apply, and develop skills necessary in the age of Covid-19 and beyond. 

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Average participant “likelihood to recommend” score from Advisory Board virtual workshops delivered across May 2020.

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What distinguishes our
virtual experiences

Interactive – We use technologies that engage participants, like polling, chat, and slide annotations.

Digestible – Our virtual experiences are 90 minutes.

Live—and fun – Our virtual experiences are presented live, on-camera by faculty with deep facilitative expertise—but who know how to have fun and get your leaders talking!