Tools for Prioritizing Community Health Interventions
Social factors such as food insecurity, poverty, and transportation have a tremendous impact on health—far more influence than medical care, according to a growing body of research. For this reason, population health managers are increasingly extending care models into the community to proactively address patients’ unmet social needs. 

For community-based interventions to be sustainable and effective, they must not only be as purposeful as clinical interventions, well-supported by data, and continuously assessed for efficacy, but they must also be adequately resourced. The truth is, however, that resources are limited, we can’t do it all, and we must prioritize interventions.

Prioritizing interventions is a challenge. How do you identify the programs that will provide the largest impact given your particular population and resources available? This toolkit, originally developed to support health systems as they prioritized social determinants of health (SDoH) programs, provides some of that insight. In fact, several of our health plan members have successfully used these insights to create their own SDoH programs.

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